Shipboard employees are typically divided into departments relating to service, passenger accommodations (sometimes called “hotel administration”), entertainment, general ship maintenance, engine work, and safety. Different cruise lines use variations on these categories, but for our purposes we have divided onboard job descriptions into the areas of Hotel (Activity/Entertainment, Service/Hospitality, Personal Care), Deck, and Engineering.


Job requirements:

  • English or German spoken and written/ French on vessels in France
  • Completed vocational training in hotel or service industry
  • 2 years of experience in a similar position
  • Administrative experience on ECDL level
  • Experience with Resco, Fidelio is an advantage
  • Ship’s experience is an advantage
  • Independence, management skills, flexibility, organizational skills, loyalty, honesty and objectivity
  • Independence, flexibility, organizational skills, loyalty, honesty, objectivity, communication skills, friendliness, courtesy, leadership qualities, stress resistance
  • Impeccable appearance


Job description:

  • Responsible for the entire front desk area, including duties such as:
  • Assisting with the punctual and correct realization of the on board printed menus
  • Settling all administrative jobs as per company directives
  • Generally relieving the Hotel Manager of administrative jobs
  • Following up on passengers’ requests that have been handed to the front desk
  • Settling all accounts of sales on all outlets on board
  • Co-responsible for the entire front desk area, including duties such as:
  • Organizing and ensuring the realization of efficient and smooth check-in and check-out procedures
  • Implementing and maintaining the company standards within the front desk department
  • Maintaining a correct flow of information on board
  • Correctly forwarding and filing all purchase orders from the hotel department in cooperation with the 1st Receptionist and Hotel Manager
  • Correctly handling all equipment within the front desk area, especially all IT devices
  • Maintaining impeccable cleanliness, hygiene, and tidiness in the front desk area
  • Performing active cost controlling and maintaining budgets at the front desk
  • Providing correct administrative handling of the cashless system
  • Preparing Night Auditor reports
  • Entering inventory data and evaluations, as per company’s instructions
  • Actively supporting all departments, as per Hotel Managers’ directives
  • Performing various preparatory duties prior to and at the end of the season
  • Maintaining an active presence at official occasions and events on board


Job offer:

  • Salary of 900 – 1’200 Euros net/ month, transferred monthly to a private bank account
  • On vessels carrying European/ British guests, the tips will vary between 200 – 300 euros (distributed at the end of each cruise equally among all employees on-board)
  • On vessels Avalon/ Vantage (American guests), the tips will vary between 400 – 600 euros (distributed at the end of each cruise equally among all employees on-board)
  • Season work between March – mid November (the exact dates vary depending on which ship you are assigned; some ships cruise additionally during holiday season, like Christmas and New Year’s cruises)
  • Depending on sailing schedule, working hours vary 9breaks can be taken in accordance with daily operations)
  • Accommodation offered in a shared room with one or two colleagues
  • Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner) included – there is a crew mess and a separate part of the sun deck reserved for employees only
  • Uniforms provided (depending on clients, employees are asked to bring certain uniform parts on board with them)
  • Cypriot contract for River Catering Ltd or Swiss contract for Josephine River Services
  • Vacation days depending on the contract
  • Expenses for traveling to the ship at the beginning of the season and traveling home at the end of season are paid by River Advice, as well as any travel expenses regarding transfers from ship to ship during the season
  • For the duration of your contract, you are insured for health, accident and social, either in Switzerland or in France (the list of benefits will be given to you with your contract)
  • Laundry for private clothes and uniforms is provided on board, free of charge
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