In the world of private aviation, there can be no room for oversights or slip-ups, even when circumstances change or the unforeseen occurs. That is where flight attendants come into their own; their experience and training ensure that any difficulties or complications are speedily resolved – invariably without the client even knowing. Flexibility and client focus are key qualities possessed by our flight attendants, plus an instinctive attentiveness that ensures a highly personalized, first-class service.

VIP Flight Attendant Jobs

Our service model has been to develop a database of top candidates with relevant experience to meet the high demands of our clients. This comprehensive and vast database ensures wherever your need is, be it permanent or freelance crew, we can provide them with minimum delay and according to your demands. Speed of reaction is one of our core principles and our database search facilities are custom designed to shortlist the best candidates against clients’ specific needs. Add to this unsurpassed knowledge and experience of VIP and corporate flying and you have a partner who can provide all your recruitment needs to the standards you expect.


Private flight attendants are responsible for providing a 5-star customer service to the passengers of a private jet. Just like commercial flight attendants their main duties include:

• Attending pre-flight briefings

• Preparing passengers and aircraft for takeoff and landing, following specific procedures

• Planning, ordering and prepare in-flight catering

• Checking emergency equipment onboard the aircraft

• Carrying out pre-flight and post-flight aircraft duties

• Ensuring the safety and welfare of the passengers and crew in an emergency situation

• Delivering a high standard of customer service

The difference between private and commercial flight attendants is within the tasks that they are required to carry out. On top of other duties they are also required to do the following:

• Ordering catering and preparing a menu plan tailored to the VIP’s preference

• Dressing the cabin with floral arrangements, providing welcome canapés and drinks

• Preparing and presenting 5-star restaurant quality meals

• Be discreet and conscientious because work is confidential

• Cleaning the cabin and restocking all amenities

• Essential Skills and Qualities

Every successful VIP Flight Attendant should possess the following skills and qualities:

• A can-do attitude and pleasant disposition

• Excellent personal presentation

• Cultural awareness

• Flexibility and diplomacy

• Strong work ethic

• Good interpersonal and communication skills

• Ability to work independently and under pressure Working Hours and Conditions

The hours in the corporate sector are long, and you could work anything from 3 to 21 hours a day. You need to be very adaptable because many flights are last minute. Time off may be down-route or at base, but it is usually limited and dependent on the VIP’s schedule.

Some VIP Flight Attendants work on rotation, where they are scheduled 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off or a month on and a month off, but this arrangement is rare. Freelance VIP Flight Attendants do not work to a schedule and work on demand on a daily basis.

Salary Prospects

Salary varies depending on how much the jet owner is offering, where and how often you travel and at what times. Earnings are made up of basic and per diem (overnight allowance). Per Diem may be paid at base and down-route or down-route only and be variable according to destination. The salary for flight attendants is roughly $48,500 annually. Private and corporate air stewardesses earnings are much higher at $57,000 or $60,000 for those who are bilingual. Other benefits may include health and life insurance, uniform and laundry expenses as well as internet service. Accommodation and transport are provided down-route and sometimes also at base, depending on where the aircraft is primarily based. Contracts may be short-term from 6 months to one or two years.

VIP flight attendants are required to have a high school education and a minimum of 2 years working as cabin crew in a business class or first class cabin.

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