Ski Resorts Jobs 

Whether you enjoy the smell of pine in the air, or snowflakes on your eyelashes, we’ve gathered jobs from great places across the Alps. The Swiss Alps are in the middle of the best skiing and snowboarding terrain in Europe and are an extremely popular place to go and work a season. The terrain and ski areas in general are fantastic. There are resorts to suit every ability, picturesque, chalet style villages and towns that have managed to avoid the purpose built blocks of tourist cubicles that some other alpine resorts seem to have acquired.

On the other hand, Switzerland can be very expensive, and may put a lot of people off working here for a season, especially if you are planning to go straight to the resort to find work when you get there, as your savings may dwindle quite quickly in resorts such as these. It may be worth considering finding work with a tour operator, as your food and accommodation is already paid for, as well as other expenses, such as your lift pass. Switzerland in general has something for everyone, and is a good all rounder. Including some of the most challenging skiing and snowboarding in the Alps, Switzerland famous resorts are a great place for season workers looking for a challenging resort with a good party style atmosphere. We also offer jobs for famous ski resorts in France and Austria. The resorts we operate in are world-class, the skiing is phenomenal and the staff accommodation is carefully selected.

Below you will find a selection of what we consider to be the companies you should be aiming to work for if you want to enjoy a great season on the snow. We speak to these companies on a regular basis, we know that they really look after their staff and support the people who go on their instructor courses, so we have no hesitation in suggesting that working for any of these companies will set you up for a great time in resort.

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